Mt302 Unit 8 Leadership And Employee Morale

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MT302 Organizational Behavior Unit Eight: Leadership and Employee Morale February 22, 2013 Leadership and Employee Morale There are various ways that a leader can communicate with his or her team, especially if he or she is in charge of a virtual team. The manager can use video-conference, email, or even a telephone call. Each communication medium can be used for different reasons and to get certain things across to his or her employees. When a manager has to deal with an employee that is affecting the morale of the team by being negative and making negative remarks. When there are issues going on within the group that are causing low morale for the team the manager has to use a medium of communication that…show more content…
336). It is up to the leader of a virtual team to choose the correct communication medium or combination of communication mediums to quickly and effectively resolve issues that are causing low morale amongst the team members. The team has been successful but James Dion is sowing disharmony by complaining about work related issues and issues that are not related to work. The manager should send James an email and let him know that he is doing an amazing job on team projects. He must find out what is going on and ask him why he is complaining about work related issues and issues not related to work. James has to be told that his behavior is unprofessional and is causing morale issues among his team members. It is important to let James know that there will be consequences for his actions, if it continues. If James is not that forth coming and still complains during communication to his team members, then a video-conference should be scheduled for the manager to talk to James. Using a video-conference will allow the manager to relay tone of

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