Topic Identification of Supervisor-Subordinate Communication

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Kristi Oldaker Topic Identification Bus 600: Management Communication with Technology Tools Dr. Lee Meadows June 9, 2012 Supervisor-subordinate communication is imperative to a business and can determine the success of one’s employees. If there is lack of communication between a supervisor and an employee or several employees it can be detrimental to a business. The success of one’s employees is heavily weighted on communication between the supervisor and the subordinate. Communication can affect one’s morale, trust, and performance on the job. When one’s morale and trust is diminished, then job satisfaction goes with the morale and trust; and with that goes the willingness to work. With a positive, strong communication strategy between the supervisor and subordinate, productivity and performance will improve and the overall efficiency of the business will improve. My theory is that with strong, positive supervisor-subordinate communication, both parties will be satisfied. I think that if the subordinate sees that the supervisor is open to communication between one another, open to suggestions, and just the willingness to listen, the subordinate will see that the supervisor genuinely cares about their employees; which can lead to job satisfaction and satisfaction with the supervision. As important as it is to run a successful business, it is also important to remember that we are all human and positive verbal and non-verbal communication can go a long way. Through research articles and examination between positive and negative supervisor-subordinate communication and how it affects subordinates job performance and satisfaction at my workplace I will gather my facts needed to write my research paper. This research paper will be beneficial to me and help me become more aware of supervisor-subordinate communication at my work place and help me develop
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