More Freedom Or Safety -- What Would You Choose?

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Where does one draw the line between individual freedom and the safety of the community? Recent tragedies in high schools around the country show a great increase in teen violence. The worst part it that these acts of violence aren’t just fights and shootings; they are planned mass murders in our high schools. No more poignant example brings into focus the question of individual freedom and safety for the school community. Does individual freedom mean that students can bring whatever they want, including weapons, to school? Does safety of the school community mean that students must be searched or go through metal detectors every time they enter a school building? How do these questions apply to schools like Bishop Eustace where these extreme forms of violence If I could choose to either have more individual freedom and less safety or the individual freedom and safety that I presently have, I would want to continue living the way that I currently live. I do think that individual freedom in the United States means the freedom to pursuit and attain one’s individual potential and that the possession of firearms or weapons by a student in a school is in no way in keeping with that idea. Additionally, many students probably are incapable of properly using a gun and that makes it even more dangerous for them to have one. Even though Bishop Eustace does not have metal detectors nor are the students searched when they enter a building, I think that if this is what would be necessary to ensure the safety of the community, it should be done with no arguments. If a student does not want a teacher to see what they are bringing to school, then it most likely doesn’t belong on school property. I feel that I already have a lot of individual freedom and I am satisfied with my limits and restrictions as to

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