Argument Essay Fighting Violence with Violence

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Arming Teachers I think violence should never be fought with more violence. Fighting a gunman with guns does not eliminate the problem of school shootings. I think arming our teachers is a bad idea if you consider all of the risk factors. A small child could find the gun hidden in the room and easily harm themselves. If a teacher had a gun it would have to be hidden somewhere, but not in a locked place for quick access if someone were to open fire. Children, especially small children are very mischievous, if a child were to get the gun it could go off and harm another person. The only way to eliminate this problem would be to put the gun in a locked place and if a gunman came in, a teacher would most likely not be able to unlock the safe to get the gun out to protect the students. Teachers are very important people and are looked upon very highly. In my opinion they have the most important job which is educating others. A solid education is one of the most important things you can have. The tone of American is set based on their knowledge and education. A teacher’s job is not easy and can be very stressful you must have a high level of tolerance and patience. Saying this, we must remember that teachers are still humans. Teachers can fly off the handle just as easily as any of us. It is very likely that at any moment a teacher could get angry at one of her students and open fire, therefore adding on to the school shooting problem rather than eliminating it. I have heard some people blaming the shootings on the guns themselves saying they shouldn’t be of this caliber or hold so many bullets, the problem is not the guns it’s the people holding them. I am not making excuses for shooters but they are very sick mentally ill people who need help and solving the problem needs to start with them. So what is the answer? I think the answer is the Bible. I agree

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