Should Students Be Allowed to Carry a Concealed Weapon on Campus

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Carr/English Composition 1301 Patricia Montemayor Professor Carr English Composition 1301 August 28, 2013 Concealed Handguns on Campus, Should Students Be Allowed To Carry? Without a doubt, there is a greater safety concern in our school/college campuses today. There is a higher sense of danger in a place where once thought to be a safe haven for students to go and educate their minds. Today the controversy of weapons on campus to protect those who attend has climbed to the top of the list of school administrators, government officials, and media coverage. This is due to the current events occurring not just in our country but all over the world where countless students and adults have lost their lives to individual(s) coming into schools for reasons never really explained they take innocent lives. I ask you to look around you right now, look at the person in front, beside and behind you. Take a good look; now ask yourself, do I trust this person with protecting my life or are they capable of taking my life? Do I know them well enough that I trust them to carry a weapon to my campus and keep complete composure at all times? Do they possess the appropriate training and education that comes with the responsibility of carrying a handgun as they pass me in the hall or sit in the same classroom? The American Journal of Public Health (AM J PUBLIC HEALTH), 2012 Dec; 102 (12): 2245-7 surveyed student’s attitudes towards concealed handguns on campus at two universities, which resulted in very low levels of comfort. Even though, the option of carrying handguns off and on campus had a different outcome when asked. I believe this suggest the 2nd Amendment of Right to Bear arms is held in high regards and those students believe in that to do so, just not where a school campus environment is concerned. Texas ratio was

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