Module 5 and 6

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Module 5: Laws and Rules of the Road Create a car saying (Bumper Sticker) or a Road Sign (Billboard) that would describe one main point you learned in Module 5. This is an example of a bumper sticker from a former student: ““Driving the right speed is always a good deed. Enjoy your ride and don’t collide!” 1. What would yours say? If you can read this right now calm down, don’t put on a show! 2. How would it look? Lime green background and matte black lettering, rectangular in shape. 3. Now, write at least one paragraph (5 sentences or more) which explains why you thought this would make a great bumper sticker or billboard, and how it summarizes the information you learned in Module Five. This would be a great bumper sticker because driving too fast is risky, and if someone is driving on your bumper it can be bad for others if something happened in front of you. This would also inform drivers that they are way too close to the other drive and risk the safety of those around them. It also might let them know that if they are in an aggressive mood, then they should calm down or pull over at an appropriate stop and take a moment to calm down and get their head cleared. This summarizes the lesson with the concept of following the speed in cities, the interstate, and highways. It shows that the driver behind the bumper sticker is not following the rules of the road in its simplest form and should take a moment and pull over where appropriate and take a moment to clear their mind so they can follow the rules of the road without any distractions. Module 6: Effects of Alcohol and Drugs Some day you might find yourself in a dangerous driving situation because of drugs, alcohol, or extreme drowsiness due to medication. Talk to a parent or guardian about what they would like for you to do if you find yourself in this situation. Answer the following questions in one

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