Curfew For Drivers Essay

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Is it a good idea to have a curfew for young drivers? You get your first driver’s license, and it is very exciting. “I’m growing up.” you may think to yourself. At 9:00, you hop in your car, hoping to catch a late movie. Right as you are pulling out of your driveway however, you remember there is a curfew for new drivers. Rolling your eyes, you pull back up the driveway and park. “Why does there have to be a curfew?” you mutter under your breath. Actually, there is a curfew for good reason. It is a good idea to have a curfew for young drivers because it ensures the well being of everyone on the road, and in several ways. First of all, curfews help to keep teen drivers from driving when they are less attentive to the road, like when they are tired. “Driving for just three hours at night is similar to being intoxicated, and even two hours after dark is like being buzzed.” (Squatriglia). Therefore, teens are far more likely to get in car accidents after curfew. To drive after dark, one must know how to handle dangerous situations, knowledge only gained through experience, which young drivers do not have. Having a curfew for young drivers also teaches them responsibility. If they realize that the curfew has been set for their own safety, they may transfer that understanding to other frustrations in their lives. Understanding for a teen is important; it can keep them safe and prevent them from making dumb, life-threatening decisions. Responsibility however, is not the only thing that should be encouraged to young drivers. Experience in driving should also be highly encouraged, as it is very important. For example, when driving in rainy weather, you should: “stay toward the middle lanes(of the road)- water tends to pool in the outside lanes“, and “turn your headlights on even in a light rain, or in gloomy, foggy or overcast conditions. Not only do they help

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