The Advantage Of a Curfew

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When the sun goes down, danger comes out. Criminals and delinquents prefer to do their “activities” at night, and therefore kids and teens are at a high risk of danger. This is why curfews were invented, to protect young people from the malice of the streets at night. The idea of having a curfew is a good one, because a curfew would make neighborhoods and kids safer, and will allow students to have more study time. Opponents may argue negatively towards this curfew, and say that it is bad or unjust. They might say things like, that this curfew infringes on the students rights. They may also think that students should be the ones that decide to have a curfew, because it is the “just thing to do. We must remember however, that kids are not adults. Therefore, they should not be able to make adult decisions, because if they did they would choose to stay outside until the sun comes up. A curfew will not violate the rights of the kids because this is being done with their safety and well-being in mind. Most of the crimes done by criminals are made during the night. These criminals prefer to prey on young kids and teens, because they are usually weaker than an older man, and therefore easier to attack. If the kids are allowed to be outside during the night by themselves, without any adult supervision, they will be under great danger. The curfew will also protect the teens and kids by keeping them out of gangs and reducing gang activity, therefore also making the neighborhoods safer. By keeping the kids at home they will be safe from the danger of the streets at night. If kids are outside during the night, not only will they be in physical danger, but also in academic danger. Kids that are out at night will be wasting precious time that could be used for more productive things. They can be studying, doing homework, or doing chores around their room and house.

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