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J October 18, 2012 Minors Drinking Age Under age drinking is a major problem. Lowering the drinking age to 18 when with a parent or legal guardian could help this problem in many ways. Parents being able to educate minors watch over minors and limit them, and keep minors from getting in trouble with the law could help limit or stop under age drinking from being a problem. Letting minors drink with adult supervision could be a safe way to educate them about alcohol. First, parents should get to decide what there kids get to do while they are with them. I know if I was a parent and my 18 year old child was going to drink I would rather me know about it and have them do it around me than trying to hide it. Also, if parents let there kids drink with them then they can teach them limits and how to handle it safe and…show more content…
First, by allowing their kid to drink at home gives kids a reason not to drink and drive. I know that if a kid was able to drink at home they would not want to sneak around and leave. Also, kids could not be careless because they would be at home with their parents. I believe that this would make kids safer because they would be home and have their parents to look after them and keep them out of trouble. If parents are able to control were and who their children were drinking with I think this would be a major benefit to our society. One more benefit to lowing the drinking age is that it would keep kids from getting in trouble with the law. First, kid’s wont get under age tickets anymore because they would just drink with there parents consent. This in my opinion is better for everybody because kids are going to do whatever they want anyways. Lowering the drinking age will help because it will keep children from hiding and sneaking around all the time to drink alcohol when they already do it

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