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Jullyan Lee October 14, 2013 EAP 93 Currently, the legal drinking age in United States is at age 21. Before I chose sides, I asked to myself, “Should the legal age of drinking alcohol be lowered to 18 or should be the same age? Why?” As a result, I will argue with whoever disagrees with me that the drinking age shouldn't be lowered. Lowering the drinking age is a controversial idea; however some argue that lowering it to 18 is a damaging thing. For example, teenagers are continuing to drink, buy fake alcohol Identification Cards, attending bars, and drink illegally. Therefore it has been proven that these incidents are going on not only in college, but in high school as well. Although there are negative points…show more content…
By limiting the drinking age to 21, the government is just encouraging students to make illegal behavior and dishonesty. Due to the majority of underage drinkers, students are disobedient to the law; which leads up to criminal penalties. One example is that students are using fake ID Cards, to have the right to drink. When caught, these penalties can be severe and costly. It is obvious that the law has not succeeded in preventing the underage group from drinking. Violating the law will make the students to likely act unlawful manners, so why not make it legal? Once this law is approved, it will benefit the students from inhibiting them to make irresponsible behaviors. Since it is considered as an illegal activity for underage drinkers, teenagers have not been educated on how to drink in moderation beforehand. This is a great opportunity to teach those who are underage so they will have an idea of knowing their limits earlier. As they grow older, they will have the ability to control the alcohol consumption. Also, colleges would be able to regulate alcohol use so that students won't become overly intoxicated. If young adults are taught how to drink, it will neglect them from being an alcoholic. The final example is that there will be fewer underage arrests. Police can focus on dangerous criminals instead of harassing teenagers. This way they will be fulfilling their job and are making a better…show more content…
To expand alcohol consumption, lowering the drinking age would provide a huge economic boost in multiple ways. Since the economy is not doing very well, business profits are also suffering. Once the law changes, business incomes will increase significantly because more people in this country will be legally able to purchase alcohol. For instance, it will be helpful to the music industry. There will be more individuals attending bars, concerts, and shows that are required to be the legal age. Another example is that liquor stores, bars, and clubs all have the same motives. They all want to make profit and if they can get away with selling to underage teens, they will. This has been proven by the Academic Search Premier. With the help of these teens, this will begin to improve our economy. Lastly, tourists' that are underage drinkers would not want to come to the US. What 18 year old from a different country would want to visit the US when they cannot drink? They would rather visit a country where they can have this right to legally drink. Due to this conflict, the US is gradually losing tourism

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