Causes Of Drinking Deaths

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It is not uncommon to read the news about teens dying from alcohol poisoning. Mindy Sink identified several causes of the problem in her essay ‘Drinking Deaths Draw Attention to Old Campus Problem’. I agree that she said lack of education may lead to the problem of drinking deaths. However, she neglects peer influences and pressure from outside environment. These two causes may also lad to the rise of the problem. To begin with, I totally agree that lack of education may lead to alcohol abuse. In Mindy Sink’s article, she mentions that kids are away from home for the first time and not taught to drink responsibly. Parents and schools play an important role in educating their children and students. Since teenagers are immature to make their own decision, it is vital for adults to inculcate a correct attitude towards drinking. Nevertheless, it seems that nowadays many schools and parents only focus teenagers’ academic development. They neglect teaching youngsters with a sense of individual responsibility after drinking. Because of ignorance and lack of education from adults, teenagers have not take health issues into account after drinking harder alcohol. As a result, the problem of alcohol abuse and drinking deaths become graver among college students. Aside from lack of education, Mindy Sink seems to neglect the problem of peer pressure in her article. The influence of peer pressure is strong especially when people are still in their adolescence. Influences of peers may worsen the problem of alcohol abuse. Erik Erikson is a psychoanalyst whose eight developmental stages are very famous. One of the most important stages is adolescence. He believes that in this period, youths tend to follow the behavior of their friends. They learn from peers how to cooperate and socialize. One has to follow peers’ behavior in order to get a sense of approval. There fore, when
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