Positive Effects of a Lower Drinking Age in America

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Positive Effects of a Lower Drinking Age in America Arguments about the United States drinking age are commonly discussed. The law is thought of by some as a great way to keep young adults out of trouble, but by others it is thought to be an unsuccessful law that has only brought harm to many young adults. Not enough people are taking action in changing the drinking age to eighteen, which may be because Americans feel it is not necessary or because American citizens have not thought into full detail about all of the positive effects a lower drinking age could have. The United States Federal Government believes that citizens under twenty one years of age are not fully developed and consuming alcohol can harm their development, but America has the highest drinking age in the world. Other countries with low drinking ages do not have major health problems concerning alcohol and their young adults, thus proving alcohol is not necessarily unhealthy for developing young adults. The Federal Government should lower the legal drinking age to eighteen because citizens are treated as adults at eighteen so they are mature enough to vote, get married, go to war, and be prosecuted as adults so they should be able to buy alcohol. The law pushes students to drink in private places to avoid trouble, and with adults non-existent, inexperienced heavy drinking, assault, and sexual misconduct is far more likely to occur. Students find it very hard to get along with college faculty and police officers because of the harsh penalties students receive from them. Among young adults the high drinking age is a very unpopular law, thus faculty and police who are responsible for the enforcement the law become unpopular, creating animosity between students and their officials. A lower drinking age will eliminate all of this animosity. In an article called “One benefit to a lower drinking

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