Essay On Lowering The Drinking Age To 18

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The controversy of whether or not the drinking age should be lowered to eighteen in the United States has been an ongoing issue. Turning eighteen means receiving rights and responsibilities of adulthood, therefore why not change the legal drinking age? Many argue that doing so will produce new problems among young adults that will put them as well as others in danger. However, lowering the drinking age to eighteen can actually benefit our society and create a safer environment for those who are underage. This controversy goes back to many decades ago. Alcohol has been belligerent topic in America, probably since the colonial era. The temperance movement against alcohol first started in 1657, when it was banned in Massachusetts. Throughout…show more content…
Prohibition had not stopped people from drinking; neither will a law stating a legal age limit. Many teens have tried alcohol at least once in their life, even some as young as 5th grade. There is a lot of peer pressure, and the idea of looking and being 'cool' is what makes these teens try alcohol. However, lowering the drinking age to eighteen would decrease that problem, of course it would not stop those under eighteen from drinking, but that can be somewhat controlled by parents and adults in the lives of the youths. If the age limit was lowered the alcohol would no longer be a forbidden, therefore it would not be as appealing as it would normally. When it is forbidden, such as right now, it makes teens desire it even more and gives them a sort of satisfaction, either because the person actually sold it to them using a fake ID, or because they are doing something against the law and being disobedient. Either way, being forbidden from something makes it that much more exciting. For example, you are underage but you have acquired a fake id stating you are 18 or 21 when in reality you are 16 or so, when you go to a club you will definitely be more excited that you got in when you really shouldn't have been

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