Binge Drinking In College

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Binging: Headed for Devastation? Alcoholism has been considered to be something of a mass epidemic and is inevitable because of the rigid grip it holds on Americans today, especially teenagers. While various teens experience the urge to binge drink because of circumstances, others feel the need simply for potential new friends or popularity. It is no contest when comparing high school drinkers to that of collegiate binge drinkers because with age and freedom comes rash decisions made only by those mentally weak and insecure. Binge drinking among college students is indeed a colossal crisis which in itself asks for serious attention on all aspects. As the generation progresses to the next, people are growing less conscious of the fact that…show more content…
By definition binge drinking is a brief period of excessive indulgence of alcoholic beverages. Additionally, college students around the nation take part in this social phenomenon each and every day. Reverting back to the question at hand, which is to what extent, does college binge drinking pose a problem? The problem comes into focus when the victim of binging starts affecting the lives of the people around them. In various cases binging victims have caused bodily harm to many innocent people that happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. It is safe to say that the fatality rate of college students due to binging has risen since the turn of the 19th century; this information should be taken into account for the lives of our youth. There are other factors that should be taken into reason when considering the extent of binge drinking, which are the cognizant status of the individual and the threat they pose to…show more content…
College students should take into account of their lives as they are tossing back indigenous amounts of liquor. A heavy amount of liquor consumed in a short period is not good on the body or the mind. It is highly unlikely that college students are able to quit binge drinking at the sight of more people around them doing the same things. Prevention of this horrific trend should have been laid to rest ages ago but yet colleges have let it grow substantially to where it is almost impossible to stop or control. As adults and parents, we need to put an end to the constant self destructive ways of our youth and future

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