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Gang Intervention Program The Intervention gang program this paper will research is called G.R.E.A.T (Evaluation of the gang resistance and training program). GREAT was design to reduce school violence by reducing gang participations. Other programs like Broader Urban Involvement and Leadership development (BUILD) a community base program out of Chicago. Another program was Neutral zone developed in Washington states. This program was base to give juveniles extra activity in the evening to keep them out of trouble. They did this by providing the juveniles with recreational and social service on Fridays and Saturdays. Both of these community base programs before GREAT were effective but not a deterrence from gang. They help with curve restriction and police control gang activity but not from school students joining gangs because they were community base programs. GREAT was developed as a school base program which teaches…show more content…
The program BUILD mentions above also adopted their techniques by giving questionnaires to the community youths in Chicago. There was a national study developed to evaluate the effectiveness of the GREAT program through a cross section survey involving 5,935 seventh and eighth grade students. That reveals some kind of lower delinquency behavior in the students. Overall there has been a huge increase in numbers of gang membership and gang related crimes. There might not be a cover all solution for the gang epidemic that is occurring all over the United Sates today. But thanks to intervention programs like GREAT we can educate our youths about the danger they face with getting affiliated with gangs. Getting them to realize that these gang members is not family and this is not just them having fun for now but a decision that can affect them negatively for the rest of their

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