Teen Curfews Yes or No?

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Joel King Writing 115 Final draft November 16, 2010 Teen Curfews Yes or No? Picture this, a young man is out late at night coming home from work, walking on the side of the road minding his own business, due to the fact he can’t afford a car and lives close enough to make the stroll. The young man is stopped by an officer and fined for violating a teen curfew law. See a problem with this? Some people seem to think there is. The real question here is; should the issue of teens being able to walk the streets at all hours of the night be left up to parents or should the government step up and take action regarding teen curfew to help keeps kids off the street and out of trouble? Being a parent often means being the “bad guy”. Setting rules and being strict isn’t fun for anyone but it is a necessary part of the job. They protect, provide for and teach their kids what they need to know to be successful in life. Easily one could argue this without clearly coming to a verdict on whether teen curfews should be enforced as there are many pros and cons regarding this topic. The main focus that legal curfews address is the issue of teen crime (Baily, 1). Many could say that this is an incorrect way of looking at the issue. Kids in their mid teens have legitimate reasons for being out late at night without an adult. A job that requires you to be out late such as working at a fast food restaurant or delivering the newspaper. Also there is the possibility being in any sort recreational or after school club. All of these are good reasons for teens to be out late. Even so, should teens be subject to any type of curfew at all? That is where most see an issue. According to Cite Bialy’s article “Right to the Night” some parents argue “Teen curfew laws are fair. They keep teens and out of trouble. Isn't that worth missing a few extra minutes on the street corner?

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