Why Should a Curfew Be Imposed for Teenagers

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Should there be a curfew imposed on teenagers? Teens have been asked the question either at a late night party or at a late night ball game, “What is your curfew?” Almost every teenager has a set curfew, but is a curfew really necessary? The issue of setting a certain curfew has always been a long debate between teenagers and their parents. Many people believe that the "teen years" are supposed to be the time these young adults goof around, have fun and do some very irresponsible things. So parents just give up on them and let them do whatever they want. However this is not how one should be thinking, a curfew sets a strict boundary, an expectation for a teen to know what time he or she needs to get home. It is probably wise to set early curfews in the beginning, having them come home by 6pm ensures that they are given freedom but are also expected to be home at a reasonable hour, this not only allows parents to rest, but also allows them to display their trustworthiness. Teens should have curfews because they need discipline and supervision; life is nothing but a span of time. Teaching kids to respect and manage time is a central component to a good education. Therefore, a curfew, though a 'must' for reasons of discipline, is also essential because it teaches the child the importance of a responsible schedule. Therefore I believe that it is necessary for the government to impose a 6pm curfew for teenagers because it will help with safety, responsibility and social courtesy. Firstly, safety, Parents should know it’s their responsibility to keep their children safe at all times , going home late at nights can be very dangerous. Often, it is not the behaviour of the teenager that is of concern to a parent, but the behaviour of other people and how it will affect them. For example, arriving at home before 6pm is usually much safer than arriving home at 9pm; a curfew is

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