How Does Crime Affect The Community

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Unit 12 – Crime and Effects on Society Assignment 2 P4 - Describe the effects crime has on communities and the individual • Teenagers – Teenagers are affected by crime in different ways, they can be involved in fights and they may be targeted by looking at a criminal in a wrong way. The main way they will be affected by crime is that they could be judged by other generations for being criminals, giving teenagers a bad name. As a result of this, they may pick up on anti-social behaviour as they don’t think it is fair, or to fit in with the other trouble makers. • Children – Children are affected by crime negatively as they are very easily into manipulating, they can be brought up to be a criminal just from living next to one. Children are…show more content…
In the UK examples are the New Labour government’s initiatives on crime and disorder and reforms to health and social services. The idea of crime prevention involves the notion that it is better to stop crime occurring in the first place than simply punishing it after it has happened. The role of the criminal justice system is of course oriented to detecting and punishing crimes that have already taken place. But this fact itself has always been considered to have a preventative dimension. The high likelihood of detection by the police, and the deterrent effects of punishment have been seen as forms of crime prevention. But the traditional criminal justice agencies have prevention as a sort of side effect or unintended consequence of their main aim of detection and punishment. And they are, as we have seen in previous lectures, not that efficient. Specific measures aimed at preventing crime have always been around in an everyday sense. Families, schools and communities disapprove of crime and this acts as a form of 'informal social control' People lock their doors and windows against burglars, and perhaps avoid badly lit areas, or certain parts of town, with the intention of reducing the likelihood of victimisation. All this is fairly straightforward. But since the early 1980's there has been a growth in the idea of crime prevention as important, if not more so than criminal justice in controlling crime. In the United Kingdom a lot of crime is found out through social media before any local services actually address this towards the public. For example ‘The murder of 21 year old Billy Dove in Hemel Hempstead in 2011 was first addressed through Facebook and other social media websites before the police or any other emergency service could
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