Privacy And Protection In George Orwell's '1984'

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Mark Ohlms Ms. Ayers Contemporary Literature February 4, 2009 Privacy or Protection Imagine a world a world where your every action and thought is monitored and reprimanded when necessary. That is the situation that is faced by the characters in 1984, by George Orwell. Citizens of the nation are being watched by cameras in both private and public places to watch for the threat of a potential crime against other people and the government. Such a controlling supervision by the government is overdone in the novel but an intriguing idea if done correctly. Society would be a safer place if security cameras were placed in public areas to oversee peoples potentially illegal behavior. Cameras are used all over the world by companies to watch for illegal behavior to prevent theft and other threatening crimes commonly seen stores. They are even used in school hallways and buses to watch students behavior on school property. However, cameras are not used enough for monitoring peoples behavior. Many crimes occur without video evidence to help ensure that the crime does not go unpunished. City streets are a known place of crime in many urban areas and are often dismissed due to the vagueness of the people involved because of no witness. If cameras were strategically placed throughout the streets a witness would always be present and less crimes…show more content…
Also, if one is likely to be caught and punished for an action they are more prone to not carry out the action. Having cameras in all public places and letting their presence be widely known by the public would aid society in several ways. The public awareness of the possibility of consequences for an action seen by the cameras would directly effect the number of people who attempt to commit a crime in public spaces. People would consider the fact that the cameras are present and reconsider their

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