The Dick Van Dyke Show

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In today's world, we see disturbing images and events on an every day basis. It seems as though everywhere we look, we are forced to witness happenings that one would think should cause a person to cringe. We see these events in crude acts of violence on the news, or grotesque movies depicting gory bloodbaths. We also see women on screen and on the street showing off a lot more skin than they used to. And now, with the birth of the internet and the availability of almost anything imaginable at our fingertips, the real question is: Why doesn't it challenge us? Back in the 1960s, if someone was lucky enough to have a television, s/he could watch one of the most popular shows of the decade, The Dick Van Dyke Show. This was a very conservative…show more content…
So popular in fact that it still airs today. This show has, jokingly, been called the first television show to really bring Caucasians and African-Americans together. COPS was the first “reality” television show. As one could image, this was a show that would document and broadcast the apprehension of criminals. The problem with a show like this is it's glorification of the criminal lifestyle. It also made us more comfortable with the idea of gangs and violence because we assume there is a police officer right around the corner with a handgun and a video camera just waiting to protect us. This show was not aired in prime time, it was during the early evening when children could watch as well. Parents would allow their children to watch with them, assuming that they would see that a lifestyle like that is bad. However, I believe that exposing children to these kinds of programs is more damaging than productive. Allowing then to see these criminals and prostitutes on the streets engaging in their illicit…show more content…
I have become so accustomed to seeing these types of instances daily that I do not even question it anymore. That is what bothers me the most. The fact that I am unable to locate an image that challenges me, or my perception of reality, is what I would consider to be the most challenging in, and of, itself. I did not realize this until I sat down and attempted to think of a suitable topic to address in this paper. I fear that this is not what was intended with this assignment, but I can not find anything else that is more challenging to me. I am numb to the evils in the world, and finding a way to change that is the biggest challenge of

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