Police Brutality Issues

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CheckPoint Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice In the manner how police officers interact with the public may appear to be excessive force based on the condition of the environment the officer may be involved in. Police brutality is a major focus within a community it gives a police department a negative appearance to the public, when there is an incident that displays police brutality. With technology today a pedestrian can video record the current event that is taking place at the moment, the recording could be taken out of content without the knowledge of what has transpired, which will leave the perception to the public of the event from the video camera in which is a one sided story that is being told based on what is being seen, not what is being heard. Tyler (2004) argues effective policing requires the support of the public. Police officers are encouraged to use verbal Judo as alternatives to containment a suspect whenever possible but never at the expense of safety to the officers or the public (Protecting Civil Rights: A Leadership Guide for State, Local, and Tribal Law Enforcement, September 2006). Sunshine and Tyler makes the point police interaction with the public is crucial it affects the public's willingness to assist police officers (Sunshine & Tyler, 2003). Garner, Buchanan, Schade, and Hepburn, (1996) report 20% of the incidents police chose not to use force, in yet another study states out of 7,500 arrests 12-17% of the arrest force was…show more content…
Garner, J.H., Buchanan, J., Schade, T., & Hepburn, J. (1996) Understanding the use of force by and against the police (Research in Brief, NCJ #158614). Washington, DC: National Institute of Justice. Sunshine, J., & Tyler, T. R. (2003) The role of procedural justice and legitimacy in shaping public support for policing. Law and Society Review, 37,
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