Brave New World 1984 Compare and Contrast

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jim wells Honors English 2 Compare and Contrast Essay Mr. bigsby October 15, 2014 Loss of Freedom It is hard to break away from something you were born into. Kids born in North Korea will never see outside of North Korea just because they were born in an oppressive and cruel government. In most societies people are free to do whatever they like and have lots of choices of what they want to do but everyone born in the country of North Korea lives with full government interference and false sense of what is really going on in the country. No one has freedom in the country and they never will. No one can control this loss of freedom. People are born and rights and freedoms are instantly lost. Even though Aldous Huxley’s story, Brave New World and George Orwell’s story 1984 portrayed different predictions of what society could be in the future both stories shared a common loss of freedom of their people because of restrictions, the governments overstepping power, and brainwashing techniques. In both stories there was evidence of restrictions that lead to the loss of freedom of the people in their societies. One of the main pieces of evidence in George Orwell’s novel 1984 was the use of constant surveillance of their people with telescreens and spies. When the people are working, on break at home, or any other activity in the society is heavily watched and observed by the government. They are restricted from having any privacy and individuality. They are even spied by their own kids who will report them if they say anything bad about government. The main piece of evidence in Aldous Huxley’s story Brave New World was the different things that each caste was allowed to like certain jobs, certain places to live and how they were raised. The government made each caste to have a certain intelligence, certain bodies, and certain social class. The people don’t have the

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