Compstat Police Department Analysis

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Background According to University of Maryland “CompStat is an organizational and accountability method of managing a police department.” There is a lot of information and understanding of how CompStat either helped or hindered police departments as they adapted this new way of analyzing crime statistics. Willis, Mastrofski, and Weisburd (2007) stated “CompStat, the latest innovation in American policing, has been widely heralded as a management and technological system whose elements work together to transform police organizations radically” (p. 147). CompStat is a completely new way of gathering prudent information in order to ensure that the crime within a community is getting sufficient attention and there is a way to combat the crime…show more content…
The strengths of implementing such a program would be statistical information to back why and when crime is occurring within a particular part of a district. It also holds individuals responsible for their actions and what happens within their jurisdiction. Willis, Mastrofski, and Weisburd (2004) illustrate this perceptive by stating “CompStat establishes a formal system of control in which top leadership monitors, evaluates, and holds middle managers directly accountable for their performance” (p. 476). It also ensures that decision making within the department is made by the leadership teams and reduces police resources. It also helps to have information that is up-to-date and shows where crimes are occurring most…show more content…
The officers and management team should be held accountable for the actions that they did not take to help the victim. However, commanders wanted the numbers to decrease to show that implementing this system could reduce crimes. The crime should have reported properly and actions should have been taken. The commanders in the situation should make sure that officers understand the importance of protecting and serving their districts and helping citizens feel safe in their neighborhoods. Instead of staying in a darkened room, the commanders should be training their officers on how to combat this action and help actual reduce the crimes not cover them up. They need to make sure that officers know the importance of CompStat and how it benefits their department. CompStat can be a great tool, but it must be implemented and used correctly and information cannot be falsified to give data that is wanted. If the information is correct than it can help us ensure that our police department are working to actually reduce crime not just to make their department look good. This information can be used for many different reasons and if individuals knew that police departments were doing everything in their power to actually reduce crimes some areas would not be so scary to live in or

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