Unit 12 Essay

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Unit 12 P5 – identify the approaches used by public services to reduce crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour. M3: analyze how the strategies used by the local community public services, work to reduce crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour D2: Evaluate a local public service initiative designed to address crime and its impact on the community The purpose of my research is to provide an overview of existing knowledge about how public services and third sector organisations reduce crime and support witness, victims of crime. Once I’ve achieved the aim from above, then I will give indications of effectiveness. Firstly, I will recognize the methodologies used by public services to counter crime and disorder. Then, I will state how the public services and third sector organisation support the victims and witnesses. Furthermore, I will then analyze the strategies/approaches that I have stated from above and will give examples to each different approach of different public services. Last but not least, I will evaluate local public service initiative. The impact of crime has a high cost on society. (Gray) When a crime has occurred its important to deal with it, to reduce the number of offences committed in society/ community. Fighting and solving crime involves a variety of support, the police force cannot do it on its own, and to prevent crime involves different agencies working together and local crime reduction initiatives. Initiatives find new innovative ways to especially reduce and prevent crime. Reducing crime and disorder in the community is a momentous obligation and frank aspect in every single public services and majority of community organisations; and it presents peace, protection and fairness to the community. As a research officer in crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership, my obligation is to scutiny the resources and physical in
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