Public Shame In The Scarlet Letter

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Public shame has been in our country for a long time. It was also used as a form of punishment back in the times of the Scarlett Letter. Back then, the townspeople would gather around a stage, referred to as a scaffold, and wait for a prisoner to be brought out. The prisoner then would stand on this scaffold until justice has done them good. In modern time, public shame is used as an embarrassment in more ways than what was used back during the Scarlett Letter. Parents in modern time would often hang a sign around their child’s neck stating what crime their child committed. After the sign has been hung around their necks, they would often make their child stand outside on a busy corner so all the civilians could see. From puritanical time to modern time, public shame has served as a fair punishment, considering it’s been around for so long. Public shame therefore serves as a fair and ethical punishment. It is also an effective way to enforce and uphold the statutes of our legal system. This is a fair punishment for embarrassment reasons,…show more content…
Imagine how angry someone would be if they were living in the same neighborhood of a criminal, unaware that they committed a crime. Public awareness has different forms. Currently, parents could title a section in the newspaper labeling what their child did. They also have the option of putting it on the news, so not that one or two people could see, but everybody could. Back during the Scarlett Letter, townspeople didn’t have that option due to the lack of technology. Instead, what they would do to inform citizens of the crime is walk around and verbally invite them to the scaffold, and let them witness from there. If an individual wasn’t able to attend, they would have to find out a different way. Public awareness wasn’t broad back then, unlike today where we have all the technology, and even the simplest things to inform
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