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Matt Breslow 5/1/12 English 12 Carnright Teen Curfews Research Paper If your son/daughter was out past 9 p.m., would you feel safe? Many people have said no to this question with all the crime in the streets as of now. With the 2,800 juveniles that were arrested for homicide in 1994 (Teen Curfews), many people wouldn’t want their kids to be in that statistic. Because of this high number of arrested teens, they began to have curfews that made kids stay inside their homes after a set time. These curfews were made to enforce the law and try to lower the teen crime rate. These curfews would definitely help the overall crime rate because we would be taking the crime away from the kids, helping them achieve greater and get a better education. Through curfews, we could switch this generation from teen gangsters to teen geniuses. Since the years of our parents, and maybe older than them, teens have been discriminated as degenerates that are lazy and like to get into trouble. This has also been shown in a 1994 survey of 2,400 teenagers and about half of them said that society is biased against them (Discrimination Against the Young). In the media, teens are stereotyped as being bad kids that like to cause mischief. Through curfews, we can flip this stereotype around. The Mall of America in Bloomington, Minn., thought the same way because they had rising reports of juvenile theft, vandalism and gang activity. They now don’t let people under the age of 16 in the Mall on Friday and Saturday nights (Discrimination Against the Young). These curfews have been used in malls for crimes, why can’t we be seeing them in cities for the same reason? These curfews can also help in late night driving accidents. The curfews would make the kids not be prone to other people on the road that might have had a couple of drinks at the local bar. Or, the kids might be the one coming

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