Jack The Ripper Persuasive Essay

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Jack The Ripper Who doesn’t recognize Jack the Ripper as one of the most notorious killers of all time? He was never caught and was one of the first serial killers to prey on innocent citizens. I don’t believe that it was the fault of the police for not capturing Jack the Ripper for many reasons. Apart from the lack of technology which limited the police to witnesses there are many other significant reasons for never finding and stopping the Whitechapel murderer. Although there is overwhelming evidence to say that the police did their best there are still two sides to the argument. Some say the police didn’t perform to their best abilities due to the fact that in certain circumstances they failed to gain sufficient and reliable evidence. The fact that the streets were unlit and pea…show more content…
However the one clue he did leave which was a leather apron was inadequate in those days due to the lack of technology. In source A it says both crimes were the work of a demented being. This suggests that the Ripper was clearly a inhumane being and the fact that the police did not pick up on this makes my feelings on how the police coped much less. Although there would be no clear sigh of madness surely there is some chance that someone would have picked up on the madness when knocking on peoples doors enquiring. The media may have disrupted police enquires by printing papers that exaggerate the situation and this may have given vital information to the Ripper as he may have read these articles and gained sufficient knowledge to get himself out of near misses i.e. when he felt the police knew too much. The police did try some techniques to attempt to catch Jack the Ripper but the failed. An example of this is when they terminated the reward scheme. This is yet another factor that leads to the belief that the police were to blame for not capturing him or
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