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Career Research Paper The career I plan to follow will be in the probation department. I will major in psychology and get a minor degree in criminology. I have chosen this career because helping others is what makes me happy. Going into the probation department I plan to help others fix their lives before they make another mistake that will put them in jail or even kill them for making the wrong decisions. Juvenile probation is the career I am most interested in. As I was growing up in a ghetto and urban environment, where gangs and drugs are all around it can be easy for a young teenager to go down the wrong path. I have made mistakes that could have put me in jail and might have even ruined my future. But with the help of family and role models I was able to change my ways for the better. Lots of adolescents don’t have the family support to let them know that there is a better life outside of their community. With hard work and dedication anything is possible. The duties of being a juvenile probation officer are to supervise the offenders after they have been released from jail or have been set to probation after receiving a ticket. To supervise is to be responsible for the juveniles so they stay on the right track and do not commit the same crime. As a probation officer one must meet on a regular basis with the juvenile and their family to talk about the problems the adolescent is having and try to find a solution to fix the problem. The probation officer is to also make sure the teenager is doing well in school and staying clean of any drugs by having them submit to a drug test every now and then. Based on the findings and observations, the probation officer is to write reports about the juvenile and send them back to the courts to show the progress of the offender ( The reports are to include both good and bad circumstances of the

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