Rehab Vs Incarceration Essay

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REHABILITATION VERSES INCARCERATION Rehabilitation should be viewed as more key than incarceration itself. People who are convicted of crimes should be allowed to heal and better themselves. Many of those people have serious addictions and issues that need to be addressed. In jail however, those issues will only worsen or fester. When the prisoner is released, they may be very angry about the lack of attention they recieved, and become a repeat offender. Rehab gives one a chance to learn about his/her debilitating problems and offers to help them change. It also helps to ease the offender’s reentry into society. Juvenile offenders should be especially considered for rehab because they are young and deserve second chances. They aren’t fully…show more content…
Housing approximately 500,000 people in jail awaiting trial who cannot bail costs $9 billion a year. Most jail inmates are petty, nonviolent offenders. Twenty years ago most non-violent defendants were released on their own recognizance (trusted to show up at trial). Now most are given bail, and most pay a bail bondsman to afford it. 62% of local jail inmates are awaiting trial. The cost of medical care for inmates grows by 10% annually. High rates of incarceration are due to sentence length. The United States incarcerates a large number of non-violent and victimless offenders. 50% of all prisoners are non-violent offenders, and 20% are drug related offenders. As of now, without rehabilitation more than 50 % of all crimes are committed by re-offenders and 40-60% of all parolees return to prison. Criminals usually have poor education. Jobs, after release, are hard to find and usually low paying. Who wants to hire a known thief? Returned to their home, they again associate with the society that bred the criminal activity in the first place. They have no base of support from which to rise above their situation and so return to a life of

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