Juvenile Court System Ethics Essay

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Malik Thompson Ethics The juvenile court System is a very good system, and is one that is well needed. Without it, how else would we punish the youngsters that make some wrong decisions? Three ways I would fix the problem here in the United States is that, I would have more harsh punishments for those who commit the crimes; I would have a better rehab process to prevent further crimes, and finally I would implement a mandatory parenting class for parents of violators. With the combination of these three ideas, plus other people’s ideas out in the world, we can all come to help to make this world and safer and better place to live and raise our children in. The first thing that I would change would be to enforce harsher punishment for crimes so as to defer young teens from making the same mistakes again. Now-a-days a young person can commit a crime, and get a small punishment from the juvenile system and be out the next day. They eventually learn that if they keep committing these crimes, then they will keep being able to get away with it with only a small punishment. Kids these days are not stupid, they will eventually catch on to the fact that they are not being punished nearly as harsh as they should be and that alone will tell them that they should just keep doing it. I think one of the main reasons that they do…show more content…
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