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Coronado 1 Robert Coronado Instructor: Treiber English 101 October 19, 2012 College and High School It’s Monday morning and you get ready for school, you eat breakfast and you realize that your paper in due today! One might freak out and try to do it within minutes or hours to spare. This happened while attending college where I had to turn in a 6 page report and I managed to finish the paper by pulling off an “all nighter” and falling asleep on a bench in the library. Not only did I get a very low C, but I also managed to completely ruin my sleeping pattern. If I were in high school I probably would have asked the teacher for an extension and done a better job. But, I’m here to tell you that if these situations where to happen while attending college the likelihood of getting a zero or a horrible grade for this assignment is definite. High School and…show more content…
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