Youth Gangs In Australia Essay

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Summary. Contrary to popular belief, there are diminutive facts to support the existence of youth gangs within Australia. However, means of prevention have been put into place, as are already evident within overseas countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom. Even without concrete proof, there are still perceptions from local communities pertaining to the existence and the threat of youth gangs. Because of such beliefs, authorities will almost certainly take action, to quash such perceptions, despite what is really happening at a local level. The question that should now be raised is how to deal with the issue of youth gangs in a way that is unthreatening to the community and to youths themselves and their rights. According to Howell (2000), evaluations in America have indicated that…show more content…
There are specific strategies that focus more on community involvement; such as youth workers providing recreational activities and safe places for youths to hang out. Also, in order to discourage youths from gang related behaviour they are included in urban renewal projects, creating job opportunities and a sense of pride and accomplishment. The crucial lesson to be learnt from research, within Australia and overseas, is that more than one strategy is required by the police and communities in response to youth gangs in order to encourage the participation and involvement of young people. Rob White’s article ‘Police and Community Responses to Youth Gangs’ is very specific in the issues raised, yet somewhat complex in some areas. Although, after analysis it is clear in making us aware of a growing problem by providing solutions. Reference: White, Rob 2004, ‘Police and community responses to youth gangs’, Trends and issues in crime and criminal justice, March, pp1 -

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