Gang Violence Solution Outline

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Alex Jackson Mrs. Aspers English 3-4 H, BK.4 29 March 2008 Gang Violence Thesis: Gang Violence has been threatening the progression of our society due to the fear that has been put in everyone’s eyes. I. Background on gangs and the controversy they cause. A. Gang violence is a major issue in the world today B. It is agreed by everyone that innocent lives get taken due to the violence and terror C. My intensions are not just to stop the violence but also make the world a safer place to live in. II. There are many social problems with gangs in our society. A. “L.A. Gang violence claims young victims”. (Brand NP) B. The problem is that young lives are being put in danger because of these active gangs and their members. C. “Gang Violence emerges in 2006 as key factor in homicide resurgence”. (Organized Crime Digest NP) D. In Florida, statewide homicides jumped 27 percent in the first half of 2006. For the whole entire year, Orange County and Orlando set records for the homicides. E. The issue on violence can be solved, if the right methods and steps are taken. III. Many solutions have been tried, but only a few have been effective. A. Police have been given orders to do what is necessary to take down the gang members. B. The problem with that are retaliations. That means more shooting, which also means more deaths and casualties. C. In Boston an Adult Crime Prevention Organization (ACPO) started the program, “Youth with a Voice”, which encouraged kids to speak up about their experiences. (Trapani 36) D. The problem with this program is that kids did not want to show weaknesses of talking to adults for help. IV. My Solution for this problem is simple, yet complicated. A. My proposition is to send all of the gang member to Antarctica, to fight for their ground with no way of getting out.
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