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Outline of Gang Violence in America I. Background on gangs and the controversy they cause A. Thesis: Gang Violence has been threatening the progression of our society due to the fear that has been put in everyone’s eyes. B. The top 10 worst gangs in the world: 10. Cosa Nostra, 9. Crips, 8. Wah Ching, 7. Yakuza, 6. Bloods, 5. 18th Street Gang, 4. Los Zetas, 3. Aryan Brotherhood, 2. Latin Kings, 1. Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) C. What can I do to solve the problems with the gangs? II. Suggestions for Forum Content A. Police sometimes gather data on gangs and sort the data into two categories: motive-based gang reporting and member-based gang reporting. 1. What is a gang A gang is "A group of persons working to unlawful or Anti-social ends;…show more content…
If children/youths are present, perhaps they should hear about what will happen to them if they are arrested and believed to be gang members (police, school resource officers, judges, or probation/parole officers will speak to it to your if you invite them to the forum) 2. You shall abide by all rules or additional requirements established between you and your Probation Officer as spelled out in any signed Community Control Agreement Form. III. Discuss the negative impact of gang activity and youth violence on the families of the youths involved. A. Discuss the reality of being in detention and/or jail and what the consequences are of such confinement (i.e., social isolation, being stigmatized for life, possible loss of employment and dismissal from school). Building Blocks for Youth, an organization dedicated to creating a fair and just juvenile justice system, provides a realistic appraisal of the juvenile detention situation in the United States. 1. The child or children can be banned from school for being in a gang and starting fights with other kids for wearing the wrong (color, brand, shoes and the wrong hair cut). 2. In some countries having on a NIKE Jumpsuit label you as being in a gang called ONE

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