Gang Injuction Essay

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Informative Speech SPCH1315 Dr.Donnie Kirk Gang Injunction TITLE: Gang Injunction INTRODUCTION/ATTENTION: In the words of Rodney King “Can’t we all just get along” today. PREVIEW: Modern day crime has detoured and deprived our youth from a promising education. Gangs stunt our children’s future by preying on their vulnerabilities. Nationwide, law enforcement has cracked down and come up with new ideas to suppress gangs. The most controversial idea law enforcement agents have come up with is that of gang injunctions. While some people claim gang injunctions violate first amendment rights, they are beneficial to the overall safety of society. CREDIBILITY: “Civil gang injunctions are civil lawsuits that prohibit gang members from engaging in criminal and nuisance activities” (Young 1004). The extensive gang violence in California proves that gang junctions are needed as a measure for control. TRANSITION: Let’s look at the statistics of gang violence On page 161 of the California Law Review, Crawford claims that “no state is more affected by gang violence than California, which contains more than one-third of all gang members in the United States and attributes more than twenty five percent of all its homicides to gang activity.” With these high crime numbers, law enforcement agencies were forced to come up with new and inventive ways to prevent gang violence. I. First gang Injunction A: In 1987 Los Angeles introduced California’s first gang injunction and a state-wide injunction was issued soon afterwards. B: Many people quickly became outraged and started claiming that gang injunction ordinances violate their first Amendment Right. C: Citizens in California’s gang ridden areas have begun to feel like “prisoners in their own homes. TRANSITION: California has enforced various gang
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