Crime Causation And Diversion

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Crime Causation and Diversion Crime Causation and Diversion Louisiana is a state that deals with many tragic events from time to time. Louisiana, as with other states face a daily problem that concerns delinquent juveniles. For this reason there are statewide programs that are available to prevent juveniles from heading down the wrong path. As well as ones to help juveniles who already are down that path to change their lives around. Overall there are crime prevention programs, juvenile intervention programs, and diversion programs. The paper will further discuss the programs that Louisiana offers to juveniles throughout many stages in their lives. The first type of program that is available is prevention programs. Some examples of prevention programs would be church activities, after-school programs, and community clubs. Each program is slightly different at their prevention methods; however, no matter the program they have the same goal in mind, which is to keep juveniles off the streets. Some juveniles did not include themselves in a preventative program or they did and still choose the hard life of criminal activities. Programs that step in and try to gear the trouble juvenile to change his or her ways are known as intervention programs. Programs as such allow the juvenile to know that he or she has support and that help is available for them. Certain law enforcement agencies help and participate in intervention programs. The officers talks to the juveniles and gives them a tour of the jails. This gives the juveniles a firsthand look at where his or her life is headed if they continue to lead the life that he or she is. Everyone knows that one of the negative outcomes to criminal activities is jail time. Many of them do not receive the opportunity to see the life behind bars and therefore if given the opportunity to it could be an eye

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