Synthesis Gangs Essay

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WP2 Synthesis 7/6/2012 Gangs Gangs in the world today have been a major issue to all governments. Gangs will continue to be a problem in our world today because of an informal market, poverty and the youth today. Danny Malec wrote a review on Transforming Latino Gang Violence in the United States. In this article he believes and understands that due to the United States having an informal market, seduces the youth today by replacing family role models with gang members. Grossman agrees with Malec’s views, while taking a media strong stand point on this issue. John M. Hagedorn also agrees with Malec’s view on gangs. Hagedorn wrote in his book A World of Gangs, that as long as we have capitalism and a sense of a better life, gangs will always be around. After reading these research papers, and chapters, I also agree with all three authors. I believe because we have such a informal market, there will always be the rich and the poor. The poor will look to people who have money and what seems to be a better life. It does not help at all that due to today’s mass media, such as T.V. videogames, and movies, this entire media emphasizes violence, money and illegal activity. The United States has an ample youth faction, and because of most of the youth living in poverty they look up to false role models and gangs. They seek a sense of belonging and meaning in their lives. Hagedorn and Malec both emphasize that the youth has this feeling and how identity formation is a major factor in joining a gang. Danny Malec wrote a Review on Latin Gangs and their transformation of gang violence in the United States. Malec believes that gangs are not all bad, that they are not just about committing violent and illegal crimes. He wrote “they encourage values such as mutual respect, acceptance, and the dedication to a common sense (81). “ He is opening his paper by explaining to
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