English Assignment Question Asked from Interview with Jan Helfeld and Elliot Engel

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1. In which ways does crime affect society? I believe that crimes have very bad influences on a society and it has serious consequences. It makes the citizens behave more paranoid and nervous. I also believe that crime leads to more violence. When we talk about a criminal behaviour it usually involves violence, for example, robberies, assaults, gang conflicts, etc. So my opinion: Crime and violence breaks the community. 2. How is poverty and crime connected? In many ways poverty and crime is connected. Not that wealth and crime is not. Let’s say that you are poor and have nothing to pay your daily food with to your family and the only solution will be to rob a person or a shop for surviving, then it is a must. That is just one of my examples. You could also take another person that had no money and he got an offer to make thousands of dollars every day, he simply just needed to sell drugs. I think would be an offer you will have a hard time deny. 3. What does Elliot Engel suggest that we do to get at crime? I quote Elliot Engel ‘’ the way to prevent crime is to take that money and build more prisons, okay? I would say that´s the way too. To deal with it, is to have a mix of prevention so you have these youth programmes to keep kids off the streets and give them something to do. You use the money to create jobs or create schools, learning programmes, so these kids can get skills so they can be productive citizens. If they are productive citizens and they have an income that will certainly keep them away from crime.’’ – Elliot thinks that if America builds more prisons, making youth programmes, create jobs and schools, will help getting them away from the streets. He believes that if you give them the opportunity to go to school and have a job they would be more active as a citizen in the society and therefore they will not commit any crimes. 4. What do some

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