Racism In Law Enforcement

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Abstract Within the history of Law Enforcement, racism has been a constant controversial issue that the media continually focuses on. In the recent years with rules and policies becoming stricter, law enforcement seems to continue using racism as a method of determining right and wrong in a situation. What has changed in the last 30 years affecting racism within police departments? Statistics were gathered by multiple sources, one being the National Police Misconduct Statistics and Reporting Project (NPMSRP). This material covers multiple factors of police racism within the history of the United States. Some questions that will be answered are: 1. What is being done in police departments to prevent racism? 2. What is being done…show more content…
Racism is the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races. Racism has evolved throughout the years. From the Los Angeles Rodney King beating to the slaying of Michael Brown in St. Louis, law enforcement officials continue making racism an issue within the world. People don’t always understand what the officer faces, though. Police Officers must make quick determinations of wrong doing in most situations. Sometimes, that leads to what could be considered a mistake of judgment. Depending on the race of the officer, this could now be considered racism, causing the community to reach out, making an issue of an officers’ judgment call. Media concentrates on the bad things officers do relating to racism and police brutality, rather than efforts made to prevent racism. Some may ask, what is being done in police departments to prevent racism? Based on ride-alongs I have done with Law Enforcement, it’s a law that police officers must complete a racial profiling assessment on every person they encounter during their shift. This helps prevent any officer from being accused of racial profiling. If an officer is stopping people of a certain race for very specific, petty things, they could open the police agency up to a lawsuit against…show more content…
To answer the question, many things are done daily to prevent police brutality. Nearly every case of police brutality presents a legal dynamic of related but separate civil and criminal cases. Once a citizen claims police abuse, there is almost always a contradictory allegation by the police accusing the citizen of being the initial aggressor and primary criminal actor against the police. (Lawson T.F. 2013) Police often blame the victim of police brutality when accused of being too brutal with their use of force. With this as a common issue, police departments across the United States have decided to fight against that statistic. Many times, when a police officer is accused of police brutality, they are immediately put on suspension. Within the terms of their suspension, either an outside agency or internal affairs department does an investigation determining what may have happened. This would typically include interviewing potential witnesses, determining what happened, and putting the pieces together. On an incident such as the Michael Brown slaying in St. Louis, witnesses couldn’t be taken as seriously as usual simply because of the uproar within the community. Any witness would automatically determine fault to be on the police officer. Investigators may read between the lines, though, often determining what truth is and what lies are. When video released of the Rodney King beating, South Central Los Angeles was

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