Police Use Of Force

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In this century the use of force by a police officer has become a concern to society. It has many civilians concerned about the amount of force that police officers are applying in most encounters with the people in different situations. Because of some bad encounters the police have had with some perpetrators, this has had an effect on society to the point that many believe that it’s a racial issue, or that the police are violating the civilian’s rights under the constitution. The issue is that some say that police have too much power over civilians by the use of force, while others say that use of force is necessary to stop a crime and secure the well-being of civilians. We will analyze this issue concerning the use of force by a police officer. For years the disproportion of force used by police officers and local authority has being of a main concern and a large significant issue. It all begins when police officers abuse the use of force that has been delegated to them. It has become obvious the extreme abuse of police officers using unnecessary force. As people have become more educated and aware of the state of affairs more voices have united. The authorities are here to help, protect and promote safety in the communities. People have filed many complaints against police officers using excessive use of force during an arrest. In many cases we have seen how the police have used excessive unnecessary force over a civilian. We have seen how three or four police officers beat up a defenseless civilian using their baton (police stick), also how they mistreat a woman or a teenager. The media has played a key role in demonstrating the abuse of force used by the police. This has created fear in many civilians and also a bad perception about the police department. According to the penal law guidelines (sec.35.10), the police have justification for the use of force

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