Gangs in El Salvador

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Social Nightmares in Today´s World In Central America, there is a major problem in society known as Gangs and in some countries the circumstances are worse than others. According to John Hagedorn, researcher of the Criminal Justice Department, "A street gang is a cohesive group, with most members between ages of 11 and 21, that has a recognizable geographical territory, leadership, a purpose, and various levels of organized continuous course of criminal activities" (2). Most of the time, each of the groups is recognized by graffiti’s symbols and hand sighs that are unique and different from each other. Gangs are involved in simple criminal activities such as vandalism and robbery. Also, they might do severe criminal activities such as drug trafficking, money laundering, and murders. To illustrate with one example, Katie Kennedy argued that El Salvador, a Central American country, has the highest number of homicides by gangs in Latin America; approximately 8 of 12 deaths are caused by these groups (5). Gangs are a major problem in El Salvador and in order to eradicate it there are some steps to follow. The opening aspect that El Salvador needs to face is about the need of support from the families to the young people. The family is the foundation of the society. The Pope Pío XII said once “The society is for the family, not the family for the society” (5). The most important reasons why adolescents join gangs are that they are looking for protection, attention, support, and because they do not feel themselves as part of their families. The Article “Why teens join gangs” states “Most of the times when a children’s family is messed up, they end up spending more time on the streets and the gang becomes like their second family” (3). For this reason, the government has to create programs where the juveniles can find support instead of becoming a gang member. For
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