Tears Of A Tiger Essay

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Research for Tears of a Tiger. 2. Investigate the organization called S.A.D.D. (Students Against Driving Drunk) What has been its effect in High Schools? - It has become affected and is getting more teens involved showing them how important it is not to drink or drive. - How have students been using positive peer pressure to stop the problem of teenage drinking and driving? - They have talked with other teens showing them the accidents with drunk driving and influencing them to not drink and drive. • Students are telling their friends it isn’t cool to drink and drive. • Students are learning it isn’t safe to drink and drive. • There is a program that teaches students the consequences. - http://Studentsagainst.com • The…show more content…
• Students are telling others about how unsafe it is to drink and drive because you are not just risking your own life but many others. • Students are trying to show others how important it is to stay of the roads when drinking. http://www.sadd.org/teenstoday/parentsdriving.htm 4. Investigate the problem of teenage suicide. - What steps can be taken by schools to prevent this problem?  Detection/awareness, Parent notification, Support for students at risk of suicide. - How can friends help other friends who seem to be depressed or suicidal?  Research about the problem, Listen to them, acknowledge them, and find out why they are depressed and be very patient and understanding. • Guidance counselors can inform students of the signed that a classmate is going to commit suicide, and teach them steps of how to help their friends. • You can have the teen go to Therapy and try to coop with themselves. • Have a serious conversation with the teenager about the importance of showing your feelings and telling people how you
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