Teen Driving Essay

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Teen Driving In this essay I will tell you about the importance of safe driving, some statistics of teen driving, why I want to drive, and how driving will enhance my life. By the end I will know a lot of things I didn’t know about driving and how to be a better driver then before. The first topic we will talk about is the importance of safe driving. The top five are: to wear a seat belt, avoid texting, safe distance, awareness, and precautions. Why wear a seat belt when driving because, if worn properly, they prevent you from being thrown around or out of your car if you’re in a car crash. When you wear a seat belt it is more likely for somebody to live in a car crash then someone who doesn’t wear a seat in a car crash. Why avoid texting and driving at the same time? When you text and drive at the same time you’re more anxious to check your message then keep your eyes on the road. Also when you’re more likely to lose focus on what you should be doing like driving? Within those few seconds you check your phone that can be your life or someone else life in the palm of your hand. That is a guilt that you don’t want to live with for the rest of your life. So don’t text and drive. Why have safe distances between you and another car? If a car in from of you come abrupt stop, keeping safe distance may help to prevent a rear-end -accident. It can also help with when you are moving lanes and you don’t have to worry about crashing or running into the other car. Why should know about your awareness? You should know different routes just for the simple fact that the route you take is closed down you can still get where you need to go a different way with no worry. Another words you should know multiple directions to your job, house, anywhere you need to go. So if there is an accident on your regular route you have alternative route to go. Why you should have precautions?
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