D1 Make Recommendation to Health and Illness

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D1 make recommendations in relation to identified hazards to minimise the risks to the service user group. The nursery staff should ensure the children are aware of road safety before they are taken on trips to the park. The staff should also be trained on how to handle children which are taken on trips outside the class room. The main hazards, that can be easily minimised ; can be when crossing the road staff can ensure all children are holding hands, in the correct formations one behind the other. Staff should go to the nearest traffic light stops or pelican crossings to avoid stopping traffic themselves, if they walked on the road randomly. I have made these suggestions because if the staffs choose to cross freely without ensuring the road is safe and all children are not holding their hands, It could potentially cause accident, This could cause a potential child being hit by a car because they are not all holding their hands together and they could run into the road without correct supervision. Also the adults should double check if the roads are clear to cross. This is very important in helping them cross the road safely, staff should safely follow these steps this possibly will minimize hazards. I have made these precautions because if not followed it could cause a child being hit by a car. When reaching the park, Staff can potentially come across lots of litter. Staff could avoid these risks and hazards by ensuring all children are aware of the dangers, giving them instructions on not to pick up anything of the floor. Staff should also try to brief the children about the dangers involved if they were to pick up things from the floor e.g. Needles from drug users, sharp objects such as glass and also dog pooh. Furthermore the staff could quickly do a safety check in the park if they see anything that could cause harm. This strategy is very important and
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