Explain How To Support Children And Young People's Development In A Nursery Setting

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I have looked at all of the results from my observation and I have found that James is experiencing a lot of problems at this stage in his development. When James goes to nursery, he says that the children are taking away his toys and hitting him on a regular basis. He is always upset when his mother leaves him at nursery in the morning and he has taken a large step back in his development. I will have a word with the staff at James nursery so that they can have more members of staff on duty at the time. This reduces the chances of James getting his toys taken away and hit as more members of staff will be their to watch the children. To ensure that James benefits from the time he has left at nursery, the nursery staff should encourage…show more content…
If he loses something at nursery and asks a member of staff where it is, they should encourage him to go looking for it as it gives him a sense of responsibility and can make him remember that he shouldn’t just put items down in random places. Nurseries and school should provide road safety lessons. This teaches them all about the road safety and that they have to be careful when crossing the road. James’ mother or father will take him and pick him up from school as he is only little and isn’t expected to travel to and from school by his self. He should still have the basic knowledge of road safety and the nursery staff should as the children questions about this so they know the basis information. James should have experiences with other people. He should bee left for a short time with different people so that he can experience other feelings with people. Nursery helps him to do this as he is away from him parents while he attends. He is with other people that are not in his family, for example the staff at the nursery and the children who go. This will help him to get used of being with different company so when he attends school, he wont be sad when he is left by his

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