The Importance of Good Working Realtionships

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tt K3C154 The Importance of good working relationships in the setting. When having good working relationships in the setting it’s important as it can create a welcoming and secure atmosphere for the children. This in turn helps young children to settle in and feel relaxed in to the setting. When you are working in an early years setting for example, a nursery all the staff are welcoming and help you out with any questions you might have about the nursery or about their job. If you have a task to do and you don’t know where they keep the equipment to do this task then you could ask someone in the room that you are in. when the staff are in the setting the all get to know each other and this forms a good working relationship and the children can pick up on this as it sends out a positive environment for the children to be in. If the staff didn’t get on with each other and were in the same room the children would know this as the environment would be negative and the children would feel uncomfortable around them. If the staff are happy and get along this would also help the students to feel comfortable and would form a working relationship with them too. This is good as it will help the student to see how it is working as a team member. For example, if a student is on their first day and none of the staff talk to the student then they are going to feel uncomfortable in the room and they would feel that they aren’t wanted their, but if the staff introduces themselves this would make the student feel welcome and comfortable to be their and they would form a working relationship. A good working relationship is important in any setting as it helps the student to see how the setting has bonded together as a team and how well it helps when the staff works together with the children. For example, if one of the staff members is doing an activity with some of the

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