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The issues that Ron Clark Attends to first are he tries to go and meet with the children’s parents to let them know who their child’s teacher is going to be, and also to see what the child’s at home life is like. Also to get the cooperation of the parents to help the students with their homework and to make sure the child succeeds. Next he has to get the respect and trust from the students. He has to establish that he is the teacher and they are the students. So they will respect him as the teacher. He also has to get the destructive, disruptive behavior out of the classroom. He makes sure he comes off stern so that way the students will start to understand that they have to listen to what he says. For example in the movie the class was being too rowdy and he couldn’t get their attention, so he slammed the door shut to get the students attention. He then sets up rules to help manage the classroom. The more the rules are reinforced by negative or positive reinforcement the more the rules will work to correct the student’s behaviors. For example in the movie to enforce the rule of everyone having to stand in line if someone isn’t in line or gets out of line to go to lunch he locks the door and no one can go until they have done what they said or stood in line correctly. This is a good consequence because if one person gets out of line then their classmates will be mad at them and to students what their peers think is more important then what their teacher thinks so they will make sure they will do the right thing. Then once he has controlled the behavior issues in the classroom, and the class can function like a normal class he needs to teach them what they need to know to learn what is required and pass the state test. The actions Ron Clark and do take to resolve the multiple problems in the classroom are for one create rules to help resolve the behavior issues.

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