Childcare, Time Keeping

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Unit 5: D1: The four aspects of professional practice are Timekeeping and Attendance, Attitude to work, Understanding the child’s behaviour and Supporting Colleagues. D2: Good timekeeping and attendance is essential because other people rely on you being there when needed. This includes everyone so that the routines are not changed with any complications. Having a positive attitude to work helps the atmosphere in the setting and also makes people trust others that are working there. It also makes you feel good about going to work. Understanding the children’s behaviour is essential because the staff can then decide how to control it and to sort out different activities. It can also promote the child’s learning. Supporting colleagues is essential because it makes you feel comfortable in work situations. If you do not have support then you may not feel comfortable enough to participate. If having support then it will be easier to learn routines. If there is no support then there will be no working as a team which means that there will be poor working relationships and will have poor service. D3: I am developing the skills and knowledge in timekeeping and attendance by turning up to placement and seeing what affects it has on the whole nursery. Having a good attitude to work makes the whole placement more relaxed and that is what I have realised when being there. I have realised that working in the same room with the same children helps to realise what the children are like and how the behave. I am developing my knowledge of supporting colleagues by understanding the problems they have and the things they may struggle on and also doing the higher courses will give me a better understanding. D4: I have been effective with communicating with parents by passing on information to them such as they may need more nappies and wipes or the amount of time they have
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