Explain How To Promote Children's Health And Safety

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Hazard | Risk | Risk Level | Action to reduce | Road/ traffic/ cars | Coming into contact | High | To reduce children must hold adults/staff hands. 1 adult per 2 children. Adults walk on the road side of the path. | Unkown people | Coming into contact | Medium | To reduce hold adults/ staffs hands. And stay close at all times. | Animals and plants children may be allergic to | Children having allergies | Medium | Staff to know about any plants and animals before starting the trip that could cause risk. | Slipping or tripping along the way | Children getting cuts | Medium | To reduce children and adults to look where their walking making sure they don’t trip or slip on anything along the way. and for staff to bring first aid…show more content…
| Plan if someone falls ill | Unsure what to do in event if child becomes ill | High | To reduce everyone having knowledge and understanding of policy. | Mobile phone not charged or no credit | Won’t be able to contact nursery or child parents if needed of ambulance service if necessary | High | To reduce check before leaving, bring a back up just encase for example ask another staff to bring one; also locate public telephones. | No first aid kit/medication | No way of giving first aid to children if needed and could cause danger to children | High | To reduce ensure that first aid kit is taken and a spare one just encase one is lost. | No snack or water | Children may become hungry or thirsty | High | To reduce ensure that water and food is taken. | Locate a lost child point | Unsure where to go if it was needed | High | To reduce locate on arrival. | Children falling off apparatus at the park | Cuts or possibility broken bones if and high fall | High | To reduce, staff must be watching at all times and children must be supervised to prevent and injuries.
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