How Is Deterrence Related to Humiliation?

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How is Deterrence Related to Humiliation? Abstract Deterrence is a method punishment where the public general ‘deter’ or discourage the criminal offenders from committing crimes. In today society theirs two types of deterrence that exists, general and specific. The specific deterrence argues that by punishing an individual for the unacceptable crime they committed will stop them from repeating this crime all over again, and maybe this will be seen as a lesson for the offender future. General deterrence is a punishment which aims to the whole society from committing similar crimes. This kind of punishment is used to generate fear in the general population through the offender’s punishment. How is Deterrence Related to Humiliation? I believe Deterrence relates to humiliation because it modifies a person for what they had done is wrong; this act deters them from repeating the same crime again. However, this is another way to show others potential law breakers the outcome if they were to commit the offense. Deterrence is a good way to bring awareness to others around the community about offenders that need to be known about. This idea also applies to others besides offenders. Deterrence can also humiliate others and can be very embarrassing for some if community service gets involved. In this situation there will no longer be any privacy or any sort of way to hide their personal business. The fact that “Ohio has taken on the uses of deterrence in to the oldest form, which requires all first time DUI offenders to wear a yellow license plate while on suspension with driving privileges,” can make a huge difference for others and can have others second think before getting in the car while being intoxicated. I say this because no one likes to be humiliated, well at least not me. This is another of way of telling those in your surroundings that, that
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